Saturday, October 3, 2020

Just One Person

Do you ever feel like your dreams or desires are too huge/impossible, so what's the point in even trying?

I wonder how many of our heroes felt the same. 

When someone that we admire dies, memorials and obituaries usually focus on their accomplishments and their impact on others. 

How often have you seen or heard a comment about an idolized person, "she was plagued by self-doubt" or "He wasn't even that special"... not often, right?

We put these people up on a pedestal, because it gives on a excuse to expect less from ourselves. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a rockstar, and her legacy will be written in the history books for years to come. Mahatma Ghandi was a legend, and I could never do what he did. Mother Theresa, Oprah, Donald Trump (yeah you read that right - keep reading) all these people are game-changers whether you agree with/align with their results or not. These are names that mean something (no comment on what they mean...). 

This is not a political post, this is not an invitation to attack one side or another. This is an invitation to stop holding yourself (and others!) back. Stop censoring your dreams and mine.

Yes, I'm just one person, but clearly, recent events have shown us that one person can havs a pretty amazing impact on the world. 

In the Passover Hagaddah, there is a song called "Dayenu" (sing it with me Hebrew school peeps!) - and it translates to "It would have been enough". Had God freed us from slavery and not smited our enemies, it would have been enough. Had God fed us in the desert and not given us the Torah it would have been enough. Had God done this and this and this and that, it would have been enough... and still He blessed us with more. 

So consider this. Had RBG fought and won 1 case in front of the Supreme Court, and not become a justice herself, it would have been enough. Had she championed women's right to work for equal pay without the level discrimination of the 1930s, it would have been enough. It would have been enough, but still she didn't rest, she didn't stop fighting for change, she kept pushing and working towards her goals. And wow what an impact she had. Whether you support her views or not, you can't deny that she left a legacy, and I'm here to tell you that so can you.

Stop telling yourself this "I'm just one person" (insert swear if you want) narrative.

Stop selling yourself short.

Yes, I'm just one person, but one person CAN change the world. So join me. Or don't. I'm gonna do it anyway 😁

If you liked what you read, and also if you didn't, click here for a catchy song with some pretty fun lyrics about the power of "little people" and don't ever think it's an insult to call me little, because my heart is big.


Mama Gali

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Take Back Your Power

Have you ever felt powerless? 
I sure have.

 When I pooped my pants (more than once) as a seemingly healthy adult, I felt powerless over my body and my invisible illness. When I started having passive suicidal thoughts out of nowhere during sophomore year of college, I felt powerless over my mind (cue invisible illness #2, lucky me). I've powerless over relationships, over weight loss, over career, over parenting, over stress levels, over housework and car maintenance.

The feeling of being powerless is isn't new to me, and it wasn't born from the current pandemic, although it does feel like it got a steroid boost lately.

What's new is my growing confidence. What's new is my tribe of online friends, the domino effect of one fb group leading to another and another and the immense value that each of those lovely ladies has brought into my life. 

To a friend that makes me smile, YOU HAVE POWER.

Shout out to Elizabeth for the card making materials. I hope that you like what I've done and am doing with them. Click here to check out her gorgeous designs and card kits for sale!

So today I'm committing to taking back my power. Because yes, broken crayons still color, but we also need to stop believing this lie that we're all broken. Let's collect all those pieces of our soul crayons, stick em in a star shaped mold and melt ourselves into something new and unique and amazing.

Crohn's Disease won't defeat me, I refuse to let it. I've learned my food triggers and my stress triggers, and I HAVE POWER, if not to cure, at least to "take steps" and manage it. I have power to register for CCFA Take Steps and fundraise for research. I have power to take care of my body before it takes care of me.

General Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar Disorder won't defeat me, I refuse to let them. I have so much to live more, so many things to see and do, so many people who's days I can brighten before I leave this world. I've learned my triggers, and many many coping techniques, and now it's up to me, to use that knowledge.

Knowledge is power. So read articles, watch videos, talk to others, listen to that still small voice that guides you from within. Take back your power, and stop waiting for a better tomorrow to fall into your lap.

We can make each day better, in a million tiny ways, you have the power, even when you feel the most powerless. Are you with me?

Mama Gali

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Hesitate vs. Don't Wait

 Hesitate! Wait that's not right... What I really mean is don't wait! 

So often in life we hold ourselves back. We keep that random compliment instead when we like a stranger's outfit, or a friend's artwork, or a relative's parenting style. 

As a parent and a child, I am always telling my daughter how proud I am of her achievements, and hearing the same from my mom and dad. Of course that's fantastic, but somehow it almost feels required, and doesn't have that same impact and getting a compliment from a stranger. 

The 5 Second Rule from Mel Robbins (link at the end) says that if you have an instinct to do something, and don't act within 5 seconds, you'll likely talk yourself out of it. 

So don't wait, don't allow yourself to hesitate, share that meme or article with the person you haven't talked to in 10 years but know would love it. Comment on their posts about their new business, their recent wedding, their adorable kids. It's not as awkward as it feels, and it just might open a window to a magical conversation. 

Today I wrote a new poem, I thought of it during a shower, so when I was all done I made a choice to record it in a towel. Then I made another choice, to share it instead of hiding, maybe I'm crazy or maybe I'm brave, and maybe my family will chide me. I made sure I was covered, so no worries there, if you're anti-cursing, I said bad-a, beware. Now im stuck in a rhyming loop, my creative brain dancing like a hula hoop, I hope you'll check out my vid on YouTube, and comment your thoughts, even if you feel like a noob. I really enjoy hearing it when you let your feedback loose, so let your thoughts free like a charging moose 🤣, let your feathers stand out, like a tropical part, let yourself rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

We need more laughter, more love, and more light, so join me in sharing, and in fighting the good fight. Of course, I'll still love you if you happen to disagree, just now that I've finally found my voice, and now there's no stopping me.

I'm a lion AND a lamb 

I'm all those traits 

and many more

So take a minute and think

 on what YOU want to be

And toddle or fly through

 that open door

As always, thanks for reading this far. Sending positive vibes, encouragement, and love. 

Acknowledgements, thanks, and lovely links to those who played a part in inspiring this post are listed here:

Mel Robbins' book -5 Second Rule

Diane's podcast - a friend, muse, flame-fanner

Deb's website - a friend, boss, and role model

Deanna's facebook group - a block breaker, author's aide, creative caretaker

Lisa's Instagram - a jedi mary poppins glass ceiling breaker and impossible dream maker

My new video poem - Take 5 Minutes and Live


Mama Gali